Michael "Web Bag", is the middle child of Ken and Sheryl and is as his name suggests. He is the designer behind www.JaggBags.com. Michael is currently away at school and therefore has a limited involvement in the production of the bean bag games. Nevertheless, he was as they say, "the Man with the plan" and continues to think up new ways to separate the Jagg Bags from the competition, which includes the new Fold-up set that is the ultimate in portability and the brand new Childrens set. See them on the Products page.

When Michael is not in school or at work, he is the co-owner of the Pure Muzic DJ business with Stacey. Much like his father, Michael is constantly looking for new things to do to keep busy. His latest endeavor can be seen right here with the development of this website. He has developed 2 websites to date with a third to come very soon. See his work at:
www.JaggBags.com, www.strlefest.com and www.puremuzicdj.com

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