Original Model: 
This model was the first one we developed and is our most popular item. As with all of our boxes, this model is made out of 3/4" plywood and features sturdy construction. All of our joints are thoroughly fastened with glue, screws and nails thereby providing a more rigid construction. These boxes feature the ever-popular cup holders. Recessed into the back of the boxes, they provide a safe spot for your drink, away from flying bean bags. 

Price: $175.00 for boxes and a set of bags

The Original model also comes in a Custom version, which combines all the greatness of the Original Model and ads a custom hand-painted logo or dual pinstripe around the outside of the box and/or hole with the colors of your favorite professional team. You can also request your child's school mascot, or that of your alma mater. Corporate Logos also look great on our boxes. Check out our pictures page to see some of the logos that we have created for past customers.

Custom Paint: $25+  Please contact us for a quote on Custom boxes.

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